Public Health Care

*If you are experiencing a health emergency call 999 for an Ambulance or attend your nearest public hospital Emergency Department. 

The Hospital Authority manages public hospitals and institutions and specialist out-patient and general out-patient clinics. A map and listing of all clinics and hospitals in Hong Kong can be found here.

Breast Health

Public Woman Health Clinics

The government Woman Health Service offers breast cancer screening assessments and mammograms. If you are older than 44, you might be eligible for discounted mammograms ($535 HKD). Go to this link to find out more about the Woman Health Clinics, check your risk of getting breast cancer, and see if you qualify for subsided mammograms:

The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation Breast Health Centre provides a breast cancer screening programme. Women identified to be at high risk have access to subsided mammograms.


Phone number: +852 3143 7333

Cervical Cancer Screening 

Maternal and Child Health clinics

If you would like to have a pap smear to be tested for cervical cancer or precancerous changes, use this link to access the nearest government clinic for low-cost tests.

The cost is only $100 HKD.

Dental Care

Government Dental Clinics

These clinics provide emergency dental care but are limited to pain relief and extraction. Here is a list of their locations:

Other dental clinics in Hong Kong:

Caritas offers affordable dental care at 6 clinics across HK.  Their contact details can be found here:

A Domestic Workers Corner facebook page also lists some affordable dental clinics here: Crowdsourced resource of dental clinics.


Pathfinders assists pregnant migrant mothers in Hong Kong. The organisation’s services include child protection, mothers’ protection, counselling, shelter, food, access to health, access to education and access to legal support.


Telephone: +852 5500 5486

Client Hotline: +852 5190 4886