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Meet our students and discover the transformational impact our courses have on their lives.

Why we need your support

Uplifters is a new NGO created in March 2018 providing an online education for domestic workers everywhere in Asia and the Middle East (Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, etc.). We offer a free 3-weeks online class on money management and personal growth that has a 100% recommendation rate from our more than 250 students. Until now, Uplifters was self-funded (we are also applying for grants and launching payed classes in the next quarter).

We are at a stage where we need to upscale our operations to reach thousands of domestic workers. Our goal with this first speed funding campaign is to raise at least USD $ 10, 000 to fund the scholarships of 1000 domestic workers. By donating USD $ 10 to Uplifters, you will sponsor one domestic worker to get access to one free online financial literacy course to improve her chances in life. 

The money raised will be used to cover the cost of our platform and an employee dedicated to student support.

Uplifters students gathering august 18



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Why you should care?

Many people are working hard to create a better future.

However not many parents could imagine leaving their young children behind to go to another country knowing they won’t see each other for two or more years. These migrant women (usually from the Philippines or Indonesia but also from India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand) don’t have any other option to support their families.

There is a misconception that because they do earn much higher salaries than in their home countries, they save and accumulate wealth. But usually from 2 year contract, newcomers have to take a 4 month- salary loan to pay their agency fees (1). And after repaying their initial loan and debts back home, they send all their salary to their families for their daily needs. No money is saved or invested in productive assets. So their sacrifices only enable them to maintain a subsistence income. It also makes them very vulnerable as they can’t afford to lose their jobs.

There are more than 3 millions migrant domestic workers in South East Asia and the Middle East (2). Helping them to build better futures for themselves has also a ripple effect on their communities and their countries’ economic development. Indeed, remittances sent to developing countries  (money sent by migrant workers to their countries of origin), are 4 times bigger than  Offical Development Aid and are more stable.(3)

Students testimonials

Janelyn, Filipina domestic worker in Singapore

The course helped me to become more confident and prepare for my future. Now I am more determined to achieve my goals and know how to make a realistic plan. Before the course I was saving about 5% of my salary and now I save 30% of my salary. Another thing that I’ve learned is how to manage and control my emotions, especially in making impulsive purchases. 

Lastly, the course had taught me how to involve my family especially in my financial plans. I am now able to motivate them to help me save. We have a better communication, we don’t feel like strangers anymore when the subject of money is raised. I am not alone anymore in my journey of reaching my goals as I have my supportive family behind me.

Lanie, Filipina domestic worker in Hong Kong

I am Lanie, widowed and I have 2 children. I am so thankful that i joined Uplifters last year. Uplifters really helped me to save and become more confident in saying no to my family members’ requests. Before joining I was into debt and not saving anything. My children are all adults now but they were depending too much on me and kept asking for money. Thanks to Uplifters, i learned so much about money management, SAVINGS and giving priority for my plans and goals. I now save for my future about 20% of my monthly salary.

Why I started Uplifters? Interview with Marie, Uplifters Founder & CEO

Marie Kretz Di Meglio, the Uplifters Founder started to work on the project in October 2017 and Uplifters was officially launched in March 2018. 

She explains here why she started it and her vision for our NGO.

“Uplifters comes from my experience of running an online learning centre in France followed by working for an NGO offering financial literacy courses to migrant domestic workers in Singapore (Aidha). I was moved by these amazing women, who come to study on their only day off, always with a smile on their face. I could not have imagined the hardships and sacrifices they endured before they told me. Their courage and resilience is truly inspiring. I witnessed the impact that the financial literacy courses had on their lives. I wanted to make these tools available on a larger scale through online education. I felt my expertise in online education could help make a difference and I would have been selfish not to try. We all deserve an education, we all deserve hope. I am also a mother of 2 young children (a 2.5 years and 3 month-old baby) and I hired a domestic worker two years ago. The discussions we had really encouraged me to create Uplifters. I guess Uplifters is also my way of saying thank you for the big sacrifice she makes, leaving her family to help me take care of my children. 

I started the project alone but now I have a team of about 15 volunteers helping with student support, content editing, digital marketing, web-design etc. We also have 30 alumni students trained to help new students. My vision for Uplifters is to make it a community and it’s heartwarming to see it happening. I am truly grateful for all the support I got since I started the project. I could not have done it alone. 

In the future, we want to offer more free life skills courses but also fee-based vocational courses to help domestic workers better meet employers’ needs. We are currently creating a baby care online course with a pediatrician. We also want to help employers build healthy work relationships with their domestic workers.”


(1) seefar.org, Modern Slavery in East Asia, 2016 Report – Indonesian and Filipinas domestic workers

(2) ILO International Labour Organisation 2015

(3)  Worldbank Remittances Factbook 2016