Wall of Thanks!

We are a community of “Uplifters” and we want to thank here our wonderful members and especially our individual donors, organisational supporters and volunteers.

Our individual donors

The first 3 persons who donated money to Uplifters are domestic workers themselves, who insisted to give back to their community. We have been deeply touched by their generosity.

Nur Bayti

“I love Uplifters because I learn more things on how to have a happy life, always stay positive and I have plans for my future now. Thanks you so much for this opportunity. This very helpful for all the OFWs wherever they are because this online class in 100% free and we can do when we have time.”


Janati Meiya

“I am happy to help fellow domestic workers. I am thankful for your time and positive action and mindset. Really I’m so lucky to be one of the members of Uplifters.”


Yani Suroto

“I just want to help other people and thank you for your kindness.”


And many thanks to all our other big hearted individual donors for their kind donations!

Our organisational supporters who make our work possible

We are very thankful for the in-kind support of:

Our volunteers

Our certified team leaders

Our diamond team leaders who have facilitated 10 “Dare to Dream” sessions or more, our 3-week online course on money management and personal growth

  • Nelie Bautista
  • Ayu Candisari
  • Jhoan Laureano
  • Maylene Maylas
  • Evelyn Obillo

Our gold team leaders who have facilitated 5 “Dare to Dream” sessions or more

  • Grace Arsenal
  • Maria Cristina Eugenio
  • Mary Anne Casamina
  • Janelyn Vergara
  • Siti Mujiati
  • Sulis Utami
  • Juliet Madrillo
  • Inocencia Zerrudo
  • Liza Natividad
  • Edna Remasog
  • Syarifitriyah Rahmani
  • Noora Nor
  • Nur Bayti
  • Andria Mejala
  • Elizabeth Gong
  • Melanie Villar
  • Yani Suroto
  • Xeneelin Tale

Our other team leaders who have facilitated at least one session

  • Reysan Saagundo
  • Yannie Adil
  • Naw Say
  • Janati Meiya
  • Emi Kusmiati
  • Myra Doguiles
  • Melanie Lim-ang
  • Mary June Arendain
  • Maria Luisa Angupa
  • Delima Sholekhah
  • Dimple Kaur
  • Maricel Trazona
  • Georgette Sambas
  • Marites Palma
  • Rachelle Panfilo
  • Gegerma Montero
  • Victoria Munar
  • Lorna Rosi
  • Gigi Blanco
  • Ivy Sarona
  • Donna Rita Sadio
  • Jocelyn Mompal
  • Mailyn Dalican
  • Sariah Nur
  • Mary Ann Panado
  • Janelyn Magtagad
  • Doris Noval
  • Jennifer Palmejar
  • Marilyn M. Lavilla Lavilla
  • Maribeth Tuliao
  • Jennelyn Limos
  • Larina Bayon
  • Willa Mae Arbon
  • Balinbin
  • Catherine Solivio Alimagno Alimagno
  • Irene N Malbog
  • Fraga Janice Delizo
  • Victoria Castro Tayao
  • Alma Boco – Cerdon
  • Angeline Sealsa

Our other volunteers (past and present!)

in Hong Kong
  • Content creation or advice Alessio Meccheri (expert in financial planning), Valérie Hotton (certified coach)
  • Digital communication & social media Chloé Bothorel, Audrey Detroye
  • Copywriting Melanie Patching
  • Content Editing Rachel Voce, Hannah Weldon
  • Translation Vania Lijaya
  • Legal advice Antonio Ho, Padraig Walsh
  • Accounting Emilie Cherron
in Singapore
  • Student Support and Content Editing Ranita Gupta
  • Social media Marine Esteban and Ashima Singh
  • Newsletter Elena Wolf